Rise of the Nerds

We are at a dangerous moment in history; something started to go wrong with the digital revolution. An ever-expanding array of new technologies is infiltrating our lives. Only now we are beginning to understand the far-reaching consequences. The excessive use of electronic devices threatens our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The warning signs are everywhere. But although all of us see the same picture, we interpret it in different ways. The technophiles promised us greater leisure, comfort, and wealth. But we got internet addiction, obesity, loneliness, and anxieties.

Living in Berlin

Berlin is the city where the world goes to party, but also to live and to experiment with new ideas: Social movements, technologies, fashion, art, music, sexuality and multiculturalism. The Berliners are creative, hedonistic, weird and some of the most tolerant people on earth.

Berlin is the largest city and the capital of German and also one of the 16 constituent states in Germany. The city proper is the second in population in the European Union. It ranks seventh in the most populous urban settlements in the European Union. The metropolitan region of Berlin- Brandenburg boasts a population of 6 million. Berlin lies on the banks of river Havel and Spree in the northeastern part of Germany. It is cosmopolitan with residents from 180 countries around the world. The temperate seasonal climate influences Berlin City due to its locality in the European plains. Wounded from the communist rule during the cold war, Berlin is now a prosperous capital. Itis a center for multinational companies, investors and an expert workforce. Berlin provides excellent value to the elements of the business.

Rosa Parks' home in Berlin

This little, inconspicuous house, painted white, doesn't actually belong here. And yet it is there, in the middle of Berlin's district Wedding. The artist Ryan Mendoza has brought it from Detroit to Berlin. Threatened by demolition, it represents an important part of American history. At the end of the 1950s, the African-American civil rights activist Rosa Parks lived in this house. When the bus driver demanded her place, she remained seated. The action cost Rosa Park's job and home. But it inspired Martin Luther King and touched off a civil right movement. Finally, this movement overcame racial segregation. Parks was not the first woman to protest on the bus — but the first woman who had what it takes to become an icon.

Built on a swamp – a brief history of Berlin, briefly

Berlin's history is certainly part of its appeal. Some of that history is wonderful and some is quite the opposite. Its story had an inauspicious beginning but it led to great heights: residence of the kings of Prussia, capital of the German Empire, metropolis feted throughout the world in the 1920s, capital of the Third Reich, ruined city, front line in the Cold War, city of the famous Berlin Wall – and, now, once more capital of a united Germany and seat of government. The historian Alexandra Richie said, that »no other city on earth has had such a turbulent history; no other capital has repeatedly become so powerful and then fallen so low. ... This city's identity has always been based not on stability but on change.«

Rente ohne Reue: Wie Sie nachhaltig für das Alter vorsorgen

Wachsende Altersarmut, Streubomben in Riester-Verträgen, verschenkte Milliarden... um die Altersvorsorge der Deutschen steht es schlecht. Dazu schockieren die Medien mit immer neuen Schreckensnachrichten über den Klimawandel und Umweltzerstörung. Das Buch entlarvt, wie ein Filz von Politik und Wirtschaft skrupellos unsere Zukunft verzockt. Dabei sind Geldverdienen und Nachhaltigkeit kein Widerspruch.

Dabei sind Geldverdienen und Nachhaltigkeit kein Widerspruch. Das Werk erklärt, was Nachhaltigkeit bedeutet und zeigt faire Alternativen speziell für die Altersvorsorge auf, die helfen können, eine lebenswerte Zukunft zu sichern. Anschaulich und kompakt werden die Chancen und Risiken nachhaltiger Investments erklärt und die Grundzüge der Geldanlage beschrieben.